I have been an ordained minister since 2005 when I completed the graduate school of ministry at Every Nation School of Ministry in Nashville Tennessee. This was an awesome time of discovering what I believe and how to clearly communicate with others. The best part about my training was that I got to explore these ideas with a wonderful woman who has become my best friend of all time and wife. My goal as a minister now is to help people join in the redemptive plan by using love to reconnect others with each other and their Creator. I come from a Christian tradition, follow Jesus and look to Him for my life’s direction through Bible reading, prayer and fellowship. I really believe in Jesus and God the Father and the Holy Spirit as a single God that completely runs the show, but loves us and continues to partner with us to establish His kingdom of love.

I have officiated several weddings and I tie a pretty tight knot! I also have honored those who have passed through funeral services. I have given those that have wanted to make their private heart transformation public through baptisms is some pretty epic locations. I am available for these services if you want let’s chat about how I can help you.

I also have experience coaching others and would be happy to help you officiate a ceremony for your family or friends.

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