My elusive to do list

Getting started for the week is fun.  It should probably happen on Sunday, but it did not so, alas, here I am.  Plugging away on Monday morning trying to collect my thoughts.  Hmm… Perhaps I should smoke my tobacco pipe on Sunday nights and write down my to do list for the week casually as I enjoy the outdoors.  This would seem like good practice except that it is still in the 30’s and 40’s in the evenings.  What positive practice could I start doing that could help me be more consistent in my list making and also, I did just have a clear screening for mouth cancer at the dentist last week, which reminded me that really smoking a tobacco pipe has other ramifications beyond exquisite smell and nostalgic nature of the leisurely pastime.  That is really it though.  There are things that would help me think, but they are unhealthy.  There are ways of coping with life, but they also are unhealthy.  So I usually choose something to do that I have not yet become aware of its unhealthiness or the lack of productivity that it really contributes to my life.  Thus the tobacco pipe -a great thinking device for generating to do lists and a welcome feeling of nostalgia, but impractical because my wife hates the smell after I smoke it and it may give me mouth cancer.  I suppose blogging or online journal writing as I will likely approach it may offer more utility and less risk.  It could though occupy my mind with the element of having an audience.  That element also is interesting.  That aspect of it -its availability to the general public, makes it more important than me just writing into a black hole in a moleskin notebook somewhere.  Perhaps also my contemplation will help others on the net who are searching for help in their decision-making processes.  This seems like it has promise and I do hope that it does benefit me and others around me in my productivity thought clarity and ethic of care.

I am a doer and a thinker and a creator.  I like to see progress and I have a value for the aesthetic.  Even writing on this site is made much more enjoyable by the simple, elegant interface.  I’m not sure how others approach online, public journal writing or if it is a stupid thing that many will find self-indulgent and a needless cluttering of cyberspace, but I do not really care.  I can post what I want and I am writing for the value I am placing on it because my mind is lingering here or there, not because of some external value placed on any particular topic, issue or thought.  I journal for practice and I journal for clarity.


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