Fridays rock

Fridays are the best and I think I know why.  They are the end and the beginning.  They fulfill the sense of completeness we all love about working hard for a week, but they also resemble the start of some time where we get to change things up and are often not tied down by our obligations, but are free to do what we choose.  I like this Friday specifically because it is the end of one campaign that I am doing at work and the beginning of another.  This amplifies the already gratifying experience that Fridays embody for most of us that are fortunate enough to have jobs where we work Monday through Friday.

I am considering the four quadrants (Covey) today and considering how to tick off some important, but not yet urgent matters.  There are very many small tasks that could take up my time and according to the methodology written about by David Allen, I should just do it if it only takes two minutes or less.  What about having about 200 things that all take 2 minutes or less?  I guess it is all in how you look at it.  I think I will schedule two pomodoros (25 minute focus sessions) to do two minute tasks and then return to some quadrant II (important but not urgent) projects to make my way on down the road.  Before I know it, it will be five and tonight is date night!  We are going to American Harvest, which is my wife and I’s favorite restaurant in Springfield.  It will be the perfect end and beginning -just what a Friday calls for.


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